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Roman helmets A galea was a Roman soldier's helmet. Some gladiators, specifically myrmillones, also wore bronze galeas with face masks and decorations, often a fish on its crest.The exact form or design of the helmet varied significantly over time, between differing unit types, and also between individual examples – pre-industrial production was by hand – so it is …

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Excellent Roman bronze figure of Mars, 2nd - 3rd Century AD. Found in the Holy Land! He is shown wearing full Roman legionary attire and crested helmet, left hand at his side clenching an uncertain object, right resting on spear (now lost). Some losses to feet and legs. H: 2 1/4" (5.8 cm). Ex Canadian private collection.

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Roman Centurion Gladius. # 501430. $244.95. Discontinued Closeout Temporary Unavailable. Truly worthy of a Roman officer, this beautiful Centurion Gladius has a high carbon steel blade that has been hand forged, tempered and factory sharpened. Baldric & scabbard included.

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The helmets, from left to right: are a bronze "Coolas" style from the early 1st Century AD "Imperial" period; an "Italic" style type "D" with applied bronze Eagle and Temple designs, from the late 1st Century AD; and a "Gallic" style type "J", the classic icon of the 1st Century AD Imperial Roman Army helmet.

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One of the earliest was the Montefortino, a conical piece with a neck guard, worn during the Roman Republic. Next came the rounded Coolus, made of bronze or copper, with a neck guard and cheek piece. Following this design was the Imperial helmet, often worn by Gauls, with embossed decoration and ear protection.

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Coolus helmets The Coolus helmet (named for Coolus, France) was a type of ancient Celtic and Roman helmet. It was typically made in bronze or brass and, like the Montefortino type with which it co-existed, was a descendent of Celtic helmet types. The …

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SKU: AH-2008 $ 335.11 Add to Cart. 1. 2. →. The legionnaires of the Roman Empire used a historical short sword called a gladius as they went to war. The gladius sword averaged 18 to 24 inches in length, its design inspired by Spaniard blades. The primary function of this Roman sword was for thrusting and stabbing in close combat with the enemy.

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A EUROPEAN LOBSTERTAIL HELMET C.1630-50. from the William Fagan Ltd. Collection $ 5,950.00 QUICK LOOK A GERMAN BLACK AND WHITE MORION C.1580 from the William Fagan Ltd. Collection $ 5,850.00

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Roman centurions, legionnaires, and gladiators wore many kinds of protective headgear during the reign of the Roman Empire. One traditional Roman soldier helmet was called a galea helm, while another was known as the Imperial Gallic helm due to the influence of the Gauls.

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1st Century Roman Cavalry Helm. Our 1st Century Roman Cavalry Helmet Embossed is a Weiler Type Roman Auxiliary Cavalry A. This Roman Helmet is functional, made from brass, and has a standard internal circumference of 22-23 inches. Sku: AH-6375. Price: $399.00.

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Fear no more, you'll be a true Spartan warrior and be ready for battle in no time with our authentic Roman helmet. Looking as if it were a true artifact from the empire our Roman helmet is glazed in gold and bronze paint and features an authentic red feathered crest. Need to assemble in a hurry, not a problem with our movable visor and cheek ...

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Roman Helmets. The Roman armor was not as advanced as the medieval period's plate armor, but the life of a Roman soldier could be saved with the help of the protective Roman helmets.. The lobed edges of the Roman helmet may appear odd at first glance, but in fact, these are basically neck guards which greatly help and protect a warrior when it comes to …

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Get the best deals on Roman Gabriel Original Autographed Football NFL Helmets when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on ... Los Angeles Rams ROMAN GABRIEL,COA SIGNED AUTHENTIC REPLICA HELMET. $135.00. $15.05 shipping. or Best Offer. Roman Gabriel SIGNED Eagles SHARCO Mini Helmet Throwback Very Rare W/Box. …

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An alternative to a full suit of armour are Medieval and Roman gladiator helmets. These steel helmets are made from the high-quality materials that have made the brand Get Dressed for Battle renowned for its authentic craftsmanship. At Historic Reproductions, we have a wide range of Ancient Roman helmets that cover various decades, so you can ...

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Authentic recreations of Roman Legionary and Gladiator armor. Helmets, body greaves, vambraces in chainmail, brass, stainless steel, and leather materials. The largest collection of swords and weapons from the Bronze Age to World War II

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Authentically designed Roman Trooper helmets for sale only at Armor Venue! Perfect for reenactments, costumes, and collection.

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The legendary Centurion and Roman gladiator helmets from Historical Clothing Realm are designed to be authentic and historically accurate replicas of the originals that they represent. Each item is fully wearable for battle reenactments or can be put on display.

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The Roman ballista was a large stationary crossbow that was mechanically wound up and shot bolts with tremendous force. It was the Roman equivalent of a small artillery piece. Very rare and in excellent condition. 2.25 inches. Dr Mike Bishop, co-author of Roman Military Equipment, suggests that this could also be a rarer Hellenistic ballista bolt.

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Protect your head and complete your look with authentic and iconic Roman, Medieval, Viking, and Fantasy helmets. Shop our helmet selection now! The largest collection of swords and weapons from the Bronze Age to World War II

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Samurai Helmets:Date MasamuneSamurai Helmet with MaskIncludes Display Stand$529.99. Date Masamune Helmet for sale is a museum quality replica. These popular helmets are designed like the Kabuto worn by the famous samurai Date Masamune, who was known as the one-eyed dragon. They feature the crescent moon shape and are made in China.

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Roman helmets had many names, depending on its function, although the most typical roman helmet was the galea, or the imperial helmet (note that galea is Classical Latin for 'helmet'). The imperial helmet was worn by virtually every member of the Roman war machine.

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Black Roman Crest – Steel. SKU: AH-6108 $ 56.00 Add to Cart. 1. 2. →. Roman centurions, legionnaires, and gladiators wore many kinds of protective headgear during the reign of the Roman Empire. One traditional Roman soldier helmet was called a galea helm, while another was known as the Imperial Gallic helm due to the influence of the Gauls.

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Medieval Helmets. No medieval armor collection is complete without the selection of an authentic medieval helmet. From the days of Ceasar we offer quality Roman helmets worn by soldiers and officers alike to replica knight helmets. We have medieval helmet styles from the Greek, Roman, Spain and even European helmets.

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Roman helmets. The helmets of the Romans were in the early Roman history strongly influenced by other cultures, especially by the Etruscan, Celtic and Greek.Variants of the Attic and Chaldiki Helmets were among the Romans usual.Examples are Cassis, and the Etrusco-Corinthian helmet and simple conical helmets.Celtic were under the influence of foot soldiers …

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Roman Armor - Lorica Segmentata, Belts, Greaves, and More. Swords of the Forge is pleased to offer a large selection of Roman Armor items to satisfy your production dress-up or display requirements. The Romans were widely known for their rather devastating battle tactics and strategy which helped to overtake many nations.

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A guide to help you get a good Roman helmet with a reasonable price. Originally, Roman helmets were influenced by the neighboring Etruscans, people who utili...

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Thus, we can presume that a wearer of our Authentic Viking Helmet was already a cut above the rest – marked out by their fancy polished one-piece skullcap. There's posh. Ridge Racer. Another late-Roman style of helmet that survived well into the Viking period was the ridge helmet.

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Roman Products and Item - The Largest Selection of Roman Swords, Shields, Helms, Clothing, Accessories, Coins and Re-enactment Gear on the Internet.

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The helmet is one of the most important parts of a warrior's regalia. It defends the head against axes, swords, falling debris and arrows. No solider worth his mettle would ever be caught bare-headed on the battlefield. Historical Clothing Realm's line of Roman helmets forms one of our most broad and expansive lines.

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This Roman Helmet will present your capable warrior image. This helmet is handcrafted and made from mild steel. The design of this helmet is authentic. You can adjust this helmet height according to your head through leather liner available inside it. Leather liner also provide comfortness to the